IMG_2040Lisa Priebe, PMA-CPT

Lisa earned her bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Temple University and has worked in fitness and wellness since the late 80’s. She began her interest and study in Pilates in 2000. After training for the Boston Marathon in 2002, which left her plagued with injury, Lisa began to seek a greater knowledge of the work not only for her own body but for others as well. She entered the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program, formerly the Ron Fletcher Program of Study® and became a Qualified Teacher. She has also completed all requirements to be a certified PMA teacher. Most recently Lisa has been promoted by the Fletcher Pilates, Inc.  to be a Fletcher Faculty.

Lisa has studies with Deborah Lessen, in NYC to gain a greater depth of the classical lineage of Pilates. She has also taken courses with Tom Myers – for additional anatomy study, Yamuna Zake – in Body Rolling a myofacial release technique, and Eric Franklin – a an anatomy and movement teacher. Lisa is always seeking to expand her knowledge base to assist in her teaching. She holds Fletcher Pilates workshops and continuing education courses for those with the aspiration to teach and those currently doing so.

Lisa is the owner of everybody Pilates, West Reading and Health Options LLC – a fitness company providing fitness services to companies and universities in the Berks County area. She offers classes and private instruction at everybody Pilates, West Reading.


IMG_2054Rosemary Garland

Rose began her Pilates experience with Lisa at the Wyomissing studio in 2011 and has never looked back. She entered and completed the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study in 2013 and is currently studying for her PMA exam. Rose left behind a career in banking last working for the Department of Banking in Regulatory Affairs. Quite a switch from banking to Pilates. Rose’s delightful personality and attention to detail make her a fabulous Fletcher Pilates teacher. She has worked hard to understand how the movement affects her own body so that she can help others translate that into theirs. Rose has always been a very fit individual working out at local gyms, taking every class she could. But not until she discovered Pilates did she truly begin to understand her own body and begin to feel really good in it. Pilates has become a passion that she loves to share.


Anne Bookout

Anne began studying Fletcher Pilates® in 2002 and is licensed to teach Ron Fletcher’s signature technique, Fletcher Towelwork®. Anne’s primary teachers have been Rachel Nace (Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher and PMA-CPT Gold) and now, her mentor, Lisa Priebe ( Fletcher Pilates®Qualified Teacher and Fletcher Facilitator). She has also studied with Pat Guyton and Deborah Lessen, master Pilates  teachers who studied directly with several of the First Generation teachers including Ron Fletcher. She is honored to have been in six workshops taught by Ron Fletcher himself, and she assisted in the planning and administration of two Fletcher workshops in Swarthmore, PA. Anne has a background in movement, having studied, performed and taught ballet for over 25 years. “She plans to complete the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program and teach and practice Fletcher Pilates, experiencing its joys and challenges, for the rest of her life.”


Jim Samanen

Jim’s interest in teaching Pilates is about regaining or increasing the ability to move by building strength with flexibility. There is a certain pleasure in throwing one’s body into an activity – getting the body to respond to rhythm, to race down a ski slope, to edge out an opponent at the finish line, to stretch for the return shot in tennis. It comes naturally in youth, but gets more difficult as adults focus on desk jobs and watching young people do the things they used to do. He had lettered in track in both high school and college. Jim used to ski the moguls, jog, play tennis and racquet ball and do aerobics. Bad knees, tight calves and hamstrings eventually brought an end to all of these activities. He was getting out of shape and not happy about it. And then he started doing Pilates in 2002 with Rachel Nace, and has worked with Lisa Priebe since 2009. He has also trained with Ron Fletcher and Pat Guyton. He’s now stronger at 65 than he was ten or even twenty years ago and considerably more flexible. Jim is licensed in Fletcher Towelwork® and Pilates Matwork. He presently teaches Men’s Pilates at the studio.