Pilates Mat

All Levels Mat Class

Great class for you to learn the exercises, refine them, and develop a home practice. Create a strong core and long muscles while improving your posture and gaining a functionally strong body! Props such as spine correctors, magic circles, towels, foam rollers, large and small balls, hand weights and therabands are available to challenge you. All Levels is great if you have a little or a lot of Pilates experience. This class is designed for beginners thru intermediate with specific pilates inspired exercises to develop core strength, muscle definition. a classical approach for those Mats are provided.


Men and The Mat

This traditional mat class is geared for the male body type. Tight hips, back and hamstrings are addressed and accomodated in this class. Get a great workout on the mat without feeling challanged by inflexibility. A great rigorous workout without the fluff. Bend, stretch and move like never before. All male students and teacher. Our own Jim Samanen has been specially trained for this population and brings his own experiences to the class.